Eternally Elite Expression

We are all in the classroom called Earth growing, learning, remembering and creating. Coexisting with the elements of life: Fire, Air, Water, and Ether. We came here to use Mother Earth’s resources as tools of expression and expansion. Spiritual beings grounded in physicality, moving through principalities, entrepreneurs of emancipation; held together by the bond of sovereignty, liberation and love. 

Expression is who we are as God. This is how God chooses to express itself through beautiful beings as you, me, and all who take the time to remember who they are as DIVINE expressions of God. We make GOD GREAT when we honor who he created us to be. What an awesome mission and privilege it is to be a Daughter and Son of the Most High! This makes you elite! Eternally ELITE! 

I’ma keep drilling this dynamite until somebody explodes….someone will ignite from this divine inspiration flowing through me. Somebody will wake up and take up their mantle as Great God in ACTION. This is the manifestation of how God chooses to express itself through me. 

I AM the Mighty Megaphone-Millionairess using Facebook as a platform to speak life to the masses. Dial me up anytime. This is who and what I was created to be (not limited to) on Earth, as it already is being done in Heaven. 


And so it is.




New Game

No matter how much I drag shizznit about this gritty city, I realize and discover there is always endless food, fun and crazy folks to see. How could it be that NOLA is still economically and socially segregated on many levels in 2014? Last night I was like, where did they import all these people to come to the Racetrack in the 7th Ward? Lots of money flowing through here….

My eye is open, and I see what’s going on. In my mind, the only way to be more progressive in this new-segregated south is to create a new form of inclusion. Create and build a NEW platform of social/economic awareness for ALL. It is a MUST to get more involved with the processes some of us refuse to due to old mindsets, old behaviors, old fears….that’s what some are counting on. Lots of money and opportunities flowing through here…

This is not the city I once remember. I see the same shit happening, using a “strange fruit” tactic; same slave/slave master concept. New players using the same attitudes and mindsets of their ancestors of old. Somewhere in the parallel universes of NOW, there are those ancestors who cry out within the children of their genetic blueprint to be the change agents of love, liberation and prosperity for ALL. If this is destined to happen, we must create our own. Lots of milk and honey flowing through here…

I AM choosing to see my city with new eyes hoping, praying and wishing we can ALL choose to elevate beyond the past we see into a new reality. This city has changed. STILL is changing, and there’s nothing we can do about it. I have a feeling we haven’t seen anything yet. This is just the beginning. For some will capitalize, and others will choose to demoralize and devalue themselves by playing the role the matrix has designed for them. Get with the changes that can put some “change” in your life…

How can Louisiana be one of the naturally richest, resource-fully “poorest” states in the country, yet thrive in tourism, motion pictures, oil/gas, and the booming medical and prison industrial complexes? And, still  has one of the poorest, broken , divided and bankrupt, tax payer funded school systems in the country? Yet, still have object poverty and neighborhoods that still look like the levees blew up here on yesterday?

Yep. Someone dropped the ball, redesigned the game, and hid the FEMA money on purpose.  I guess the dream I had of a long, cherry wood board room table in a gutted home two months before Hurricane Katrina blew through is revealing truth. Interesting.

Pick up your own ball. Create your own economy. Play a new game.

Wake up children. …

Live Free and Thrive


Hey Lil’ Boy!

You ain’t hardcore lil’ boy,

Just a toy toying with an idea,

Hard knocks got you militant and radical

All full of yourself, fighting, riotous living,

Don’t know what you got or what you’re missin’,

Heart racing chasing an angry dream,

Caught up in illusions, chaos and mass confusion,

So damn frustrated and angry, and cheap,

Your grip on control got you out of control, hit pause, not repeat

Time for reflection…..

Want to be loved,

Forsaken by your first loves,

So you search and research for someone to make over, a pet project,

No YOU are the project,

Get it through that brain dead head of yours,

See your worth out of worthless choices,

Really, you don’t know SHIT from poo on a stick,

Stop with all the cheap tricks and scheming,

Heal from the hurt and pain,

Nothin’ to gain from being an arrogant, hardcore NIGGA,

Emotions hot like a trigger, shooting words like hollow points,

Killing your harvest like a whack joint,

Think you know it all,

But your mouth gone be your downfall,

Please take heed,

You’re a fine ass, damn good man, indeed,

You seek strong women, like your Mama,

Really, you prey on weak women to reign over the pain

Of those Mama issues that you deny,

Think you over it?

Then once in your grip,

You begin to abuse LOVE for fear that it may abandon and abuse you,

Give you the slip,

Take a look in the mirror young man,

Know you’re worthy of a life of love,

I hope you find what you’re looking for,

Instead of settling for changing WOMEN to suit your agenda,

You’ve settled for living a life of hurt people hurt people,

Change yourself, get over yourself, or you’ll be by yourself,

Yeah, I done seen your kind before,

Charming, sexy, kind, in the beginning;

But in the end, our issues had us both sinning,

That’s why waxed hot with my own fury,

Sent me out the door like a boat with no oars,

Sailing like Christopher Cross to a peaceful shores,

Like Casper, poof, be gone,

Broke camp, got my passport stamped,

I am out of here, NO FEAR,

Before it became a nightmare on N. 86th Street,

I loved us enough, you loved us enough to say no, hell no, you must go,

I’m alright with that, cuz you see, one day we gonna revisit for resolution,

To heal the pain inside, we must find the solution, to love, to accept, to forgive,

To put all the bitterness and pain aside,

Stop hiding behind the mask,

Open up your heart to a real love,

I may not be the one,

But the love that left you knows the heart behind the madness is sadness,

She knows it needs a healing touch, not just my sex,

But my best love has to offer you.

Accept your healing now,

Or, risk being lost forever on the wheel of abuse, mistrust, and failure for another 10 lifetimes

It’s your choice. Choose life. Choose love.

I love you.

Shape Shifted, Sifted, Refined and Redefined, I AM!

I have so many beautiful people in my life, and if you’re reading this, this includes you. Many of you like and comment on my posts and pics, you have watched me say things you thought I wouldn’t say, I’ve been called on the carpet by a few, but know this….the beauty you see, the intelligence, the faith, the struggles, the pain, the joys, the triumphs, the bitterness, etc are the experiences that have SHAPE SHIFTED, SIFTED, REFINED, and REDEFINED me into more and more of my emerging essence.

I AM the most tender, loving, caring, thoughtful and generous person you will ever meet. Don’t believe me. Try, taste, see and test out this theory, and know me for yourself. On the other hand, I can be your worst nightmare, but even if I tried to be bitchy, you’d probably LOL in my face and tell me to go sit my ass down somewhere because it ain’t in you to be hardcore!  No, hardcore I’m not. However, they say I’ve been know to have a few road rage and anger issues, so don’t push it!  Been known to transform into a cat, hence the “Cat eyes”….one can learn a lot from them, and I do have more than nine lives.  Speaking of cats, shout out to Ramses and Cleopatra!  Mommy misses and loves you!!

I’ve learned in this life, you must stand your ground, or get rolled over. Sorry to say that fear and insecurity brings out the worst in us all until we finally learn the many lessons life has come to teach us.  Please don’t try to take me for granted, play me, hide from me, or think I don’t know some shit because I do!  I can read you like a book, and, if I can’t read your cover, I’ll sure SEE YOU in the first few chapters….(laughing)…or, I’ll SEE MYSELF.

Wow…I just had an aha moment. Since we can’t really see ourselves, we attract people like you in our lives to see how we show up in the world. How will we ever grow if we don’t see our shadows? How will we shine if we don’t polish the tarnished spots on the chandeliers in our mansions? How will we ever be able to see, accept, forgive and love that every aspect of ourselves is beautiful….even the ugly that patiently waits to be SHAPE SHIFTED, SIFTED, REFINED AND REDEFINED…Transformed.

Like an old friend once said, “There are two sides to every coin.” I have come to appreciate my coins. My life wouldn’t be as blessed as it is today if it were not for the number and value of coins in my treasure chest. I have had to dig deep, turn over lots of soil and sediment, and mine through the mine fields of my life. Still digging and clearing so that my reflections become clearer, focused and true. Being protected and guided through many dangers seen and unseen, I know there is a power in place that knows me, everything concerning me, and is conspiring on my behalf. Some say it’s God, The Creator, Allah, Elohim, Yahweh, Ascended Master Yeshua (Jesus), Ancestors, or Angels, of which I’ve had many come to my aid. Faith has venerated and liberated me; it is my salvation. All I can do is raise my hands and say HALLELUJAH for my life. Even through the heartache and tears, rugged roads, dead ends, and tight spots, I LOVE MY LIFE!

Making a difference in this world is what I came to do. My purpose is unfolding, and I’m beginning to see the virtues of being a confident, worthy, leader, who is the leading lady in her life.  TO GOD BE THE GLORY FOR MY WONDERFUL LIFE IN HERSTORY. I am being Shape-Shifted, Sifted, Refined and Redefined for a purposeful work greater than I.  I am being freed up, as I blossom into the woman my soul has destined me to become. There is more in store for me and YOU. I want you to believe and have faith in this truth. Try, taste, test and see that LOVE and LIFE is GOD THE GOOD.  Be inspired.

And, the journey continues……


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The Illusion of Victimization

We’ve all played the victim at some point in our lives.  A victim of racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, sexual abuse, mental abuse; and the list is infinite on how one defines “victim”.  Personally, when I am in situations where I had to tell my side of the story, embellished, truth or lies, I was actually painting myself as a victim of the circumstances I created.  We sometimes perpetuate pain in our lives when we choose to keep the drama going by fueling it with our hurt and pain.  The hurt and pain of failing.  The disappointment surrounding our investment in a project or business that fell through.  We go to our corners to sulk, cry and lick our perceived wounds singing the “Innerchild Blues.”

So, when does the healing begin?  When does the resolve kick in?  Make a conscious effort to address the role you played in the drama, by assessing your conduct, and the fear surrounding how you will be perceived after the dust has settled. Remember, it is all an illusion.  No one really cares about the beef you had with your significant other but you. What we do care about is how did you overcome this challenge?  What will you do differently?  Running to friends and family to give them an earful of slander, doesn’t support taking responsibility for your actions, and it sure doesn’t help the healing to begin.  Dwelling on what was done, said, and what other people say only prolongs the illusion of Victimization. Make a decision to heal the situation immediately.

If you can discuss the situation directly with those involved, do so rationally and calm.  Choose an objective mediator, if possible.  I know most of my friends don’t want to be part or parcel of holding any drama in their airspace!  If there’s an impasse in effective communication, sometimes it’s best to just walk away and begin your own personal process of resolution.  Refrain from speaking any negativity to others concerning the other person. It’s ok to vent, or receive counseling, but when your conversation begins and ends with the other person, what they did to you, how they spoke to you, we become the victim all over again.  Remember, it was a choice to engage in the first place, so grow up!

Make a deal with yourself.  Whenever you think about the person say, “I set you free”…..”I forgive myself for what I created” “Peace Be Still”…..I send you love and peace.”  Whatever affirmation or releasing activity works for you, use it.  It has to be believable to you in order for the activity to work.  Take a brisk walk to clear your head, or sit near water to release the emotional pain associated with the experience.  These are but a few examples on how to release pain, and receive the healing required for a complete resolution. Finding healthy ways to manage emotions is key as we relate to one another.  Taking deep breaths when we feel irritated; finding different ways to be clear and concise when communicating in intense situations helps to diffuse anger.  Hell, it ain’t easy dealing with your own emotions, so finding the love and compassion within yourself when facing issues can be helpful when looking at our mirror image in the next person.

Bottom line, each experience comes to address an issue, and these issues help to build consciousness and character.  It is important that we face challenges and resolve them amicably without regret or remorse. We can change the past by honoring it for what it was, choosing to deal with it immediately rather than burying them as painful experiences under the seas of our emotions. It’s unhealthy, and it unconsciously proclaims, plays and replays the tape that we are the victim of our creations.

I am overcoming every challenge with confidence. I am releasing all self-imposed weights. I don’t need to get sympathy for any errors I’ve created. Be honest about how you feel without slandering another person. Accept things as they are, and your role in the drama. Never attempt to force changes the other refuses to make. You can only change yourself. Keep an open heart, and do whatever it takes to rework your consciousness (mindset). We get to redo, resolve and redefine our fears into LOVE. I am now firmly planted in a new beginning. And, whatever you do, refuse to live in the illusion of victimization.


Mr Midas is saying, “Everything you touch has to be golden, so it’s time to go through my refiner’s fire.”  “Don’t be afraid because it’s all for your highest good.”  All my choices have moved me in the direction of facing my own fears, running toward the roar, pressing past the pain of repressed sorrows that have remained unexpressed and unaddressed….this is where the story ends and begins.

For many years, denial had become my favorite song.  I convinced myself I had addressed and moved away from my past…well, that ain’t the case. Time and time again certain monster patterns I had conveniently tucked away kept resurfacing. They lingered in the background of my jaded memories like a wall flower. What I didn’t know was, in due season, I would have another opportunity to take on the heavy weight loser called, “unresolved.” You see, unresolved seeks resolution in order to become the champion ‘transformed.”  In other words, let’s get this stank shit out of the way so you can LIVE THE DREAM. These self-inflicted replays of the subconscious seek to find a slow death, desiring the unconscious to become conscious.

All that I have ever professed or knew as true was about to be stretched, and I had to remember and remind myself to “TRUST THE PROCESS.” The process came to give notice that I could not tarry and carry old stuff into a new paradigm. I could not cheat myself by expecting to sneak my shadows into the light, without it being exposed for what it was….it pulled me back into death, while life was asking me to take a leap forward.

An initiation my soul intended to qualify me, refine me, redefine me, stretch me, expand and demand the truth from me, or else, face the reincarnation of past creations.  For me, the tape replayed the same kinds of qualities in relationships that had me choosing the same illusive caliber of persons, which I conversely didn’t SEE were the same traits within ME. I was the creator who sourced those mirrors reflecting anger, insecurity, doubt, rage, fear….no matter where I turned, I saw it over and over again. Would this time be any different? Hell yeah, and then some. Why, all the energies I knew culminated in ONE delicious pot of Gumbo….awwwwLAWD! WHAT in the HELL is goin’ on up in here?! LOL…Ok, let me get serious again. Aha moment right here. This diseased defense mechanism required me to see it, without fear, and to accept its wisdom with love and compassion. This LOVE came to reveal, expose and confirm. It revealed a revolving pattern of power struggles and control issues as wanting…it exposes vulnerability. It exposed the lie, and confirmed that it was now ready to be transformed by the LIGHT. Transformed by the renewing of my mind.

I could play crazy and get caught up in a fight of personalities, stroking egos and emotions. Or, I can get a good laugh and set myself up for success by taking authority as the healer I AM. Heal it, or allow circumstances to steal my life. Take a stand for self by taming the waters of my emotions, practice forgiveness, with the understanding that every situation comes to teach UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Even in the shadows, love is there. As I am cleared to move, in an instant, divine provision protects me. And, the light of God that never fails lifts my heart and mind as it prepares me to meet the next matter in my life now because I am prepared and proofed to move into the expanse of my promised land…..every step I take, I get to choose, life, or death; feast, or famine. No matter what I choose, no matter where I find myself, God is always there saying, I AM THAT I AM. Rest. Relax. Regroup. Review. Redefine. Renew. You already know the truth. I AM the way, the truth, and the life. Remorse and regret are for fools taking the fun out of living.  I live my life in full owing no woman or man nothing….the only thing I have to give/receive is LOVE. LOVE is who I AM, and what I leave. When useless creations fade, fear energy dissipates, and is recreated and transformed by love into one’s heart’s desire…the beauty of holiness.  LOVE IS THE ONLY POWER LEFT STANDING. LOVE IS THE ONLY POWER I SOURCE.

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